About Us

Save Nature for Life (SANALI) is a non-profit making organisation, non-partisan and non-governmental organisation registered under the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children Affairs and given the registration ooNGO/00007529. The organization is mandated to operate countrywide, to start with, SANALI has opened its office in Mara region in Serengeti district and expect to open her head-office in Arusha region when the time is due. The organisation membership is currently made up of forty four (44) individuals, 18 women and 26 men with diverse experience education, qualifications and skills. SANALI believes on transparency and accountability on implementing its programs and is open to cooperate with other organisation working in the similar field.

The main goal of the organization is to sustainability conserve country rich natural biodiversity and improve the livelihoods of the rural poor communities. The organization has advisory, training and research team which advises on the well-researched interventions. Although the organization has been recently officially registered, its activities started as back as 2011 and has so far implemented eleven projects funded by different donors.



  1. To undertake research on human, livestock and wild animals with the aim to gain in-depth knowledge and skills needed to design most effective disease control strategies.
  2. To carry out health related research designed to alleviate disease burdens among the people of United Republic of Tanzania.
  3.  To implement projects that will help to conserve country’s rich natural biodiversity.
  4. To encourage and promote a spirit of bee keeping as a means to preserve nature.
  5. To improve crops and livestock productivity by introducing new working technology to farmers in the rural areas.
  6. To protect and promote public health through production of improved crops and livestock.
  7. To provide, treatments, care and management of pet animals.
  8. To raise funds and receive donations/ contribution where appropriate in order to implement activities above.

Our Team

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